Private Wealth

Ongoing Wealth Management

The ongoing wealth management process consists of a number of proactive portfolio management strategies:

Monthly Liquidity Reporting
This internal reporting process identifies available excess cash balances with portfolios. The report provides a cash allocation when compared to the overall portfolio valuation. This allows a tactical assessment of portfolios and the potential application of excess cash to investment opportunities.

Quarterly Internal Review
The internal portfolio review process is undertaken every quarter and involves a detailed assessment of the portfolio considering multiple key metrics including Strategic Objectives, Tactical Asset Allocation and Investment Price Targets. This process will result in the portfolio being rebalanced to ensure it remains appropriate for your longer-term strategic objectives and outcomes.

Event Based Triggers
This process involves the identification of trigger points for individual investments. These trigger points may involve the valuation of an asset increased to +110% of its fair value estimates and the prompt consideration for any actions that may be taken for the specific investment.

Red Flag Reporting
This process identifies negative issues which may affect the long-term outlook for the specific investment. Examples of these issues may include a profit warning or downgrade, change to the management team or potential disruptions to the company’s business practices.

Corporate Actions
This element of the monitoring process relates to the assessment and subsequent recommendation for Corporate Actions. Corporate actions include such events as Share Buyback schemes, Entitlement Offers or Share Purchase Plans. Each of these events is assessed on an independent basis and the outcome is then overlayed with the client’s personal circumstances and strategic objectives.

John’s process

Every day, John supports individuals and families to manage, grow and protect their wealth. Find out how he can help you

We start by getting to know you and your financial and life goals.

We develop a cohesive, customised Private Wealth Plan that’s driven by your goals and backed by our proven strategies and expertise.

We work with you to implement your Private Wealth Plan and manage your wealth on a daily basis.

We proactively monitor your wealth management strategies and find solutions to issues or challenges.

We regularly measure the performance of your Private Wealth Plan to make sure it’s working for you – now and into the future.

John’s Wealth Services

Strategic Financial Advice

From generating a high tax-effective income to growing wealth through to retirement, our expert advice is focused squarely on what you want to achieve.

Investment Management

Rest easy, knowing your investments are being expertly managed by a team with market-leading insights at their fingertips and your best interests at heart.

Accounting & Tax

Our highly skilled accountants and tax advisers work closely with our wealth advisers to ensure your tax and financial position is optimised.

What John’s clients has to say

“I have had the pleasure of being a client of John’s for 15+ years and would have no hesitation in recommending him. His commitment to his clients is of the highest standard, his approach is always consultative and has the best interests of his client in mind.

I look forward to continuing our journey with John as our Financial Planner.

Karen C | Founder & CEO